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Information about the Ph.D Degree awarded during the year 2016 - 2020


The cafeteria, on the campus, provides an ideal place for students to gather and to exchange notes over cups of coffee and wholesome snacks served throughout the day. The lighting and the ambiance within the cafeteria are modeled on best contemporary designs for cafeterias with comfortable seating arrangements, self service and racks containing a wide range of newspapers and magazines.

The quality of edibles and beverages served in the cafeteria is carefully controlled under the guidance of an expert nutritionist while high standards of hygiene and culinary  efficiency are ensured. Faculty members often drop in at the cafeteria for interactions with the students in an informal atmosphere where even difficult problems are frequently resolved over cups of tea. The cafeteria also serves as the brainstorming center for members of the different clubs and societies in the campus who discuss and finalize details of events to be held or competitions to be organized besides the matches to be played on the campus grounds.