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Club Activities and Regional Exchange

Learning Beyond the classroom

In a world where more business deals are done at a golf course or a tennis court than the traditional board room, it is of prime importance to Raffles University to involve our students beyond the classroom too. At Raffles University, we are proud to offer our students extensive range of activities. These activities make full use of the talents and personal skills of our students thus continuously motivating them and giving them energy and courage to compete in the world of opportunities.

There are many clubs and activities available for the students after the college hours such as, Outdoor Club (Biking, Hiking, Golf, River rafting, Go carting, Bowling etc.)

Here are just a few more activities at Raffles:

  • Journalism Club
  • Dance, Drama and Music Club
  • Book Club
  • Innovation Club
  • Sports Club
  • Green Club
  • Meditation & Yoga Club
  • Social Club
  • Technology Club
  • Seminar & Events