Information about the Ph.D Degree awarded during the year 2016 - 2020


Raffles University

Welcome to the Raffles University School of Humanities and Social Sciences.

The knowledge in the Humanities and Social Sciences, provides us with numerous tools to name what is going on around us. Through the study of human behaviors, ethics and decision-making, languages and images Social organization and norms, and institutions, those who examine the humanities and social sciences have consistently been committed to describing, analyzing, questioning and presenting a complex and in-depth picture of various aspects of the world we live in. At its best, learning involves a combination of reflecting on what we know, and also experience new ways of seeing the world and of relating to others.

Study in the Humanities and Social Sciences can lead us to imagine and then work toward a more equitable world. Your Education in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, at Raffles University, can be a place to imagine to explore what matters, to you, to risk grappling , new knowledge , and to inhabit a different set of practices.

University Education offers a host of opportunities to ask important and often challenging questions. We encourage you to bring yourself, to your studies, your passions, questions and interests.

I’m hoping that by choosing Humanities and Social Sciences subjects in your Senior Secondary School you must be looking for a career building University experience and said discipline.

To be a truly rewarding, a career must also be a vocation, reflecting a deep-rooted desire to improve things, and I think this is a guiding factor for our undergraduate and graduate students alike. This passion is also reflected in our teachers’ approach to their students and the kindness of our staff and advising team.

Please peruse our website and contact us if you’d like more information. I hope I will have the chance to watch you pursue your dreams in tandem with the growth of this progressive academic community.

Best wishes!

Prof. (Dr.) R.C. Sharma

Professor and Dean

School of Humanities and Social Sciences