Information about the Ph.D Degree awarded during the year 2016 - 2020

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

If you do not find what you are looking for, write to us at info@rafflesuniversity.edu.in , and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

  • What is the online admission procedure?

    The procedure is as follows:
    (a) The candidate fills in the entire form on-line.
    (b) The candidate also fills in the details of the Bank Draft, in favour of Raffles University Neemrana, which he/she would send along with the hard copy.
    (c) The candidate presses the "PRINT" button and obtains a hard copy of the form that he/ she has filled,
    (d) The candidate then presses a "SUBMIT" button and the details are automatically transmitted to the University Admin.
    (e) The candidate then attaches the bank draft plus attested copies of all other documents required and dispatches the same to the University.
    (f) At the University, the documents are checked for veracity with the spreadsheet particulars already received and necessary action is taken including emailing the scanned copy of the Admit Card or any other communication as the case may be.
    (g) If the candidate has reservations about filling the form on-line, he/ she can download the blank application form after providing basic details (which would be transmitted to the University Admin) and then fill up the hard copy and send it with all required papers, bank draft etc. to the University at this address:

    Raffles University
    Japanese Zone , National Highway 48
    Rajasthan , INDIA
    Ph:- +91-9928 777 777, 1800 5722 555 (Toll Free)

  • Why should you choose Raffles University?

    We at Raffles University endeavour to provide meaningful career opportunities to our students through the following means:
    (a) The course content is tailored and benchmarked to the current and evolving requirements of the legal system, industry and management. This means that Raffles University students would stand a better chance than most at job interviews and would also discharge their responsibilities more efficiently as lawyers, engineers or managers.
    (b) The accomplished faculty is resident within the University campus. This makes it possible for the students to obtain the assistance of their teachers even after classes whenever necessary and contributes to the excellent academic atmosphere of the University.
    (c) We have an energetic Placements Cell run with the help of the faculty and the students. The University also offers exchange and internship programmes in partnership with companies and institutions abroad for students to experience an enhanced world of opportunities.
    (d) The University is situated in the middle of an industrial and commercial hub which is poised to expand significantly upon the completion of the Delhi - Mumbai freight corridor with Neemrana being the first station, after Delhi, on the corridor. Concurrently, Jaipur is gradually turning into a metropolitan city because of the rapid economic growth of Rajasthan. This will mean an explosion in opportunities available to the students of Raffles University who would be ably assisted by the Placements Cell.

  • What medical facilities are available in and around the University?

    Raffles University has a fully equipped dispensary with medical staff to provide first aid and primary health care. Arrangements are available, on call round-the-clock, to transport cases needing specialized medical attention, to the specialist hospital in Behror which is just 25 Kms away from Neemrana on NH 48.

  • How are the hostel facilities?

    The University has separate hostels for boys and girls under the administration of wardens who ensure that decorum, quality and a congenial academic atmosphere are maintained. The boy's hostel has 142 single seated rooms while the girl's hostel has 142 single seated rooms. Both hostels have well equipped and comfortable lounges where the students can relax and spend their spare time. The University has a fully qualified nutritionist on its rolls to ensure that healthy and safe food is served to hostel inmates and at the University cafeteria.

  • What sort of extracurricular facilities are available?

    We at Raffles University firmly believe in providing the right environment for the personality development of our students. In keeping with this belief, the University has an indoor theater hall for movies and performances as also a number of clubs/societies that are either common to all faculties or are specific to the departments concerned. Besides, the large and well-kept University campus has facilities for outdoor and indoor games as well as a fully equipped gymnasium.

  • When do the admissions start?

    Admissions commence in the month of May. Raffles University conducts a separate entrance test prior to entertaining applications for admission. Details are available on the "Courses" page of this website.

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  • Where can I find the application forms?

    Admission forms as well as forms for the Entrance Test to the Raffles University are available online on this website. Details of how to apply and the manner of payment have been provided in answer to Question No.1 above. Application forms can be submitted online or downloaded, filled and submitted separately. However, in cases of online submission, the hard copy would also have to be sent to the University along with the bank draft for the requisite amount and other documents that may be sought by the concerned School of the University.

  • What scholarships are available in Raffles University?

    The Gomber Education Foundation decides on scholarships and fee concessions on a case by case basis depending upon the merit of the student, the requirement and the corpus available for the purpose. Also, students would be eligible for National Scholarships under the Central Scheme of Scholarship for College and University Students, awarded by the Ministry of Human Resources Development. For details of Scholarship, …"Click here "

  • What is the fee structure?

    Details as to the fee structure and the schedule of fee payments are provided, for each faculty separately, under the "Programmes Offered" tab on the website. Changes, if any, made from time to time, are incorporated therein.

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  • Can I study for competitive examinations while studying in Raffles University

    The students staying on the campus are provided with extra classes in the evening and coaching is also provided for competitive examination. We have communication lab and the library which is open till late in the night. Extra classes on languages like Japanese and French are also taken by faculty in the evening .

  • How can International students pay their fee?

    Fees payable by NRIs, for different courses, are dealt in the form of comprehensive packages that include tuition, boarding, lodging, transport to and from the airport, concierge facilitation and other, related, charges. Information, in this regard, may be had by sending a message to the University Administration through the "Contact Us" column on the website or."Click here to contact us."

    Fee can be paid by a cheque, cash or bank remittance to the following account. Please keep a copy of your pay slip as proof.

    Bank Details of University:-
    Name of Account : RAFFLES UNIVERSITY
    Name of Bank : HDFC BANK LTD.
    Branch : NEEMRANA
    Account No. : 18381450000026
    RTGS/NEFT/IFSC : HDFC0001838
  • Can I take admission in 2nd or 3rd year though lateral entry?

    This depends upon the merits of the case, seats available and the receipt of satisfactory reasons for the student wishing to leave his existing place of study for admission to Raffles University.

  • Please tell me more about the syllabus and course content?

    Details of course content, in respect of the courses offered by the Schools in the University are provided in the "Prospectus."

  • Do's and Don't?

    The DO are:

    • Do insure that the minimum prescribed attendance is achieved or else admission to the examinations can be withheld by the University Administration.
    • Do observe the rules regarding dress, behaviour and decorum that the University may lay down in regard to classes, extra curricular events, the hostels, playgrounds, gymnasium, library etc. from time to time.
    • Do abide by the timings and schedule of studies that the concerned University School may postulate.
    • Do wear your Student Identity Card on the campus and during project/ study tours organized by the University or while participating as a University delegate at any inter – collegiate or inter – university competitions or events.

    The DON' T are :

    • Do Not engage, participate in ragging or subscribe to it in any form whatsoever. Involvement in ragging could entail immediate removal from the rolls of the University.
    • Do Not leave the campus without a valid "Gate Pass" duly signed by the competent University authority and Do Not delay you return to the campus, beyond the time prescribed in the Gate Pass.
    • Do Not carry any cell phones on your person or in your bags anywhere in the campus outside the limits of your hostel premises. Permission to carry cell phones, to any other place or at any designated time may be granted by the competent University authority upon due consideration of the circumstances warranting the same. Violation of this rule could invite consign and immediate disciplinary action.
    • Do Not carry or partake of any hallucinatory drug (prohibited under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985) within or outside the University campus during your tenure as a student of this University. This is an offence under the law and could invite criminal prosecution besides such action as the University may take.
    • Do Not consume any alcoholic substance within the University campus and Do Not frequent the campus in an inebriated state (i.e. after consuming alcohol).Transgression could entail deterrent consequences.

  • How do I reach Raffles University?

    The closest airports are at Jaipur (146.4 kms on NH8 - 2 hrs 14 mins - from Neemrana) and at Delhi (130.6 kms on NH8 - 2 hrs 5 mins - from Neemrana). You can also take a train to the closest railway station at Rewari. It is in the Jaipur Division of the North Western Railway zone and lies on the Delhi-Ajmer-Ahmedabad route. The distance from Rewari to Neemrana is 39.2 kms.

    Access Map