Information about the Ph.D Degree awarded during the year 2016 - 2020

School of Basic and Applied Sciences

Science is the subject related to the understanding of Universe where we live in. To learn about our surroundings and nature that includes living organisms like plants, animals and non-living things like sky, oceans, rocks, stars, galaxies, planets etc. really creates an enthralling impact on the students as they are studying about the live examples. Science can be defined, as the study of Nature or Universe through observations and experimental evidences, hence studying in Raffles University is really a promising way of studying the nature as it is situated in an unpolluted and uncontaminated environment at the lap of Aravali hills. It is not an exaggeration, that the rich flora and fauna of the University is attracting number of researchers to observe and study them in their natural habitats. This practical based learning environment of the University really implants research capabilities among the students from Undergraduate level inturn inculcating the spirit of global competitiveness.

The Scientific literacy is wholly based on studying of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Numerous countries around the World are thinking various ways for promoting these subjects thus creating various degree options to the students. Even Raffles University also explored and exerted on various degree options to motivate and guide the students to nestle the science courses by providing sufficient employable skills through School of Basic and Applied Sciences. Hence to compete with growing necessities of research in applied sciences the University will be introducing new courses in B.Sc in Microbiology, Biotechnology, Environmental Sciences and skill based certificate programs in Mushroom cultivation, Medical lab technician, Vermiculture, Bioinformatics, Biofertilizers preparation and Wild life conservation to tap the golden opportunities of professional avenues.

The School of Basic and Applied Sciences have eminent and highly qualified experienced faculty taking care of every student personally by catering to all academic needs and guiding them for academic excellence. In recent scenario the entire world is leaning towards in providing the virtual learning environment for teaching and learning process, due to digitalization based on development of technology. Even our faculty also equipped with the technological skills in conducting online classes and assessments when situation demands but not always as the role of a science teacher is “act like a mentor“for skill based practical knowledge to excel the students in the field of research for conversion of imaginations to innovation thus leading to the prosperity of Nation by enhancing the economic status. The faculty of School of Sciences guides the scholars to accomplish supreme credential in Sciences, Doctorate in Philosophy. Besides the University is situated amidst of various industries in an industrial corridor of Japanese Zone the students have access to good placements. Therefore the best choice for science courses is the Raffles University with clean and neat campus providing medium of instruction is in English to cater the needs of local people in and around Neemrana in Alwar and Behror districts of Rajasthan State.