Why Raffles University?

Big concern of values in all walks of life has made raffles dedicated itself to provide students with an excellent education embedded in humanistic values and traditions to instil in graduates, the ethical values, substantive knowledge and practical skills, they need to become compassionate human beings with ethical values, and become meaningful and capable members of the society along with their respective professional success in the chosen fields.

Raffles is based on Gurukula concept, built in a detached location giving opportunity to have stronger bond between teacher and pupil for instructions free from distraction.

The university is located in the heart of Neemrana Industrial Zone, which is a nodal junction for Delhi –Mumbai freight corridor. Being in the midst of Japanese zone and surrounded by Isarel and Korean zone enables the students of Engineering and Management to gain fist–hand experience of working of industries using the latest technologies and also learn about the business of that magnitude.

The traditionally rural and yet increasingly urban profile of Neemrana, is a phenomenon that compresses a wide spectrum of legal issues and litigation, in the microcosm of the justice delivery system. Its proximity to Gurgaon & Delhi enables the law & other students to do their internship by commuting every day.