Information about the Ph.D Degree awarded during the year 2016 - 2020


To evolve as an Institution of Excellence, where scholars develop informed and inquiring minds and broaden the frontiers of pure and applied knowledge. Where they, not merely undergo the humdrum learning of how things are done but move onwards, exploring problems and solutions that have tended to challenge human ingenuity.

To create an ambience conducive to spirit of inquiry and the pursuit of excellence by working with the ablest, best and globally acknowledged centers of research and academia, coupled with system and process developed within the University.


Scholasticism of a high order through education, not instruction. Ensuring emergence of students from the University portals, as fully developed global citizens, prepared to function as agents for change in the era where technology and commerce are rapidly transforming human lives.

Ingraining the capacity to usher in change, by discovering, nurturing and expanding individual skills, talents and interests, while standing forth as leaders and path breakers in their future careers.


  • Shaping the evolution of students as global citizens with the capacity to lead, inquire, invent, innovate and transform for the common welfare.
  • Encouraging the highest respect for diverse cultures, traditions and ethical standards as components of quality education. Promoting and facilitating symbiosis in thought, learning and growth skills imparted by the best centers for study and research globally.
  • Instilling professionalism in recourse to analytical as well as empirical tools of knowledge coupled with rigorous honesty in thought and practice.
  • Providing the intellectual bedrock by way of a capable faculty dedicated to the Core Values of the University.


The shield represents the belief in defending the Democracy, Liberty Equality in opportunities. The four quadrants represent the balance in every aspect of life.
The book represents the importance in imparting the knowledge that helps to develop the capability, ability and talents of each individual , so as to help him/her achieve fullest potential.
The horse represents organizations vision of power, potency , robustness and strength.
The color White represents reverence, simplicity and optimism.
The color Maroon represents creativity alumni networking.
The color Gold represents Prestige Quality .