Information about the Ph.D Degree awarded during the year 2016 - 2020


Working in association with industry to develop future ready workforce is at the core of pedagogy followed at Raffles University. For this purpose, an Industry Institute partnership cell (IIPC) has been established at Raffles University for enhancing the relationship between the institute and industry. It is no wonder that Raffles University students have found place in national and international organisations of repute.

Raffles University provides a platform and environment for open discussion and interactions between the faculty and students and is designed to ignite and serve the urge to explore and learn beyond boundaries. Diversity and flexibility of options of courses to choose from is aimed at enabling students to pursue studies most suited to their intellect and talent. This would enable the students to discover, nurture and expand their individual talents, skills and interests so that they emerge as leaders and path breakers wherever they go.

Over the years, the Batch 2012-2017 has displayed tremendous zeal to develop a strong legal acumen and satisfy their intellectual and potential inquisitiveness. The students have explored their potential by seizing various opportunities and competitions at national and international level. They have successfully carried out various responsibilities assigned to then in pursuance of every event organized by the University. They have performed exceptionally well during their internship programs at various renowned law establishments.

Placement Cell

The Placement Process is conducted by the Placement Cell of the University which comprises of both Students and Faculty members. It is a comprehensive process which commences in the month of August and is aimed at facilitating the reach between graduating students and prospective recruiters.

The Placement Cell works to ensure that final recruitments are conducted in a fair manner so as to maximize the interest of both the students and the recruiters.

The placement process at Raffles is one that is extremely transparent and provides an equal opportunity to each of its students. Recruiters are welcome to follow their own recruitment process, broadly within the framework of Group Discussions, Written Tests and Personal Interviews. Organizations can also opt for Telephonic Interviews and interviews via Video Conferencing. The recruiters are requested to intimate the Placement Cell with their preferred dates for the placement process at the earliest on the email address.

Placement Rules

  • Our students on the basis of their interest will register to sit for interviews of organizations which confirm their presence on our campus.
  • A student is eligible to sit for more than one interview provided he or she has not been given an offer from any prospective employer.
  • If a student receives an offer of employment from the recruiters or independent of the Placement Cell and accepts it, he/she will be barred from any further participation in the Placement Process.
  • Decision of the Faculty Coordinator of the Placement Cell regarding any dispute arising during the course of the entire Campus Placement Process will be taken keeping in mind the larger interest of the students and will be final and binding upon all interested parties.
  • Final list of placed candidates will be published through the University. Any students placed on the waiting list by the employers (i.e. offer conditional on the announcement of university results) shall be intimated about the same through the University.
  • Students are prohibited from personally communicating with the recruiters and such communication should not be encouraged by the recruiters. Any communication of such nature may lead to the de-registration of the student from the placement process.