Information about the Ph.D Degree awarded during the year 2016 - 2020

School of Agricultural Sciences

B.Sc. Agriculture Approval Letter

School of Agricultural Sciences is one of the seven Schools of Raffles University. The Agriculture Discipline at Raffles University, combines Life Sciences, like Biology and Botany with Economics and Social Sciences. Agriculture is the Science of growing Plants and Crop as well as raising animal for food and other useful materials, so as to answer to human needs and ensure economic gain. Plants and Animals’ farmers develop the best methods for increasing the quality and production of crops, while ensuring that animals are treated according to humane standards.

The Curriculum designed, focuses to develop students’ skills to plan, design and execute projects in Agronomic Engineering related to animal and vegetation production. Students also learn how to develop modern methods of plant-breeding and seed-production, while using necessary specific technologies and while maintaining the environment.

Due to the progress of Science and Technology, food productivity soared, high in the 20th Century. However, along with this advancement, came many negative aspects like pollution and destruction of the environment. As a result, these damaging features of food production, have greatly contributed to global warming. Now we are challenged with revising the relationship between man and nature, and we have to seek a new way of life. It is expected that this process will lead us to the re-formation of a sustainable society.

The food problem is one of many great challenges for human kind. The study of Agriculture faces the dual challenges of aiming toward the sustainable production of food and maintaining a healthy environment. With regard to the 21st Century being deemed the Century of Biology, the study of Agriculture is developing at a remarkable rate through its integration with life sciences.

The School not only, trains students in the field of Agriculture, but also imparts knowledge to the farming community as well as industries through its Rural Agricultural Work Experience and Agro Industrial Attachment (RAWE & AIA) model, in which students go to farmers' fields & industry and exchange knowledge and solve problems of farmers. Students are exposed to latest knowledge of new technologies in all 12 Departments/Laboratories of Agriculture namely - Agronomy, Horticulture, Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, Genetics and Plant Breeding, Entomology, Plant Pathology, Agriculture Extension & Communication, Agro-Meteorology, Agricultural Economics, Agriculture Engineering, Animal Science, Dairy and Poultry.